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The Zero Pound Challenge is a 30 day workout and lifestyle program that will take you through the next month without a single pound gained… hence the name, Zero Pound Challenge. 
Here's What You're Going To Get:
Unlimited Workouts 
You can book into any session. So, you can fit your workouts into your busy schedule.
Nutrition Guidelines 
So you will know exactly how to keep the pounds off!
      (Pending on the option you purchased)    
 Money Back Challenge 
Gain zero pounds within your first 14 days and you will get your MONEY BACK!!!
See The Success Our Clients Have Gotten With Our Proven System.
Hi I'm coach Joseph Martino, and I'm known to many people here in Toronto as the Fat Loss Coach.
My team and I have been running the fitness programs responsible for helping people, just like you - safely lose pounds of ugly fat.

In fact, as you can see in the pictures above our clients are pretty darn happy with their fitness and fat loss results.

And what they're even happier about is how quickly they lost the weight.

And as a thank you we have added you to my exclusive health & fitness newsletter, "STOP Having a Fit" that is packed with valuable tips, strategies, recipes, and articles all geared to help you achieve your desired goals.
For the next four weeks, you’ll workout three to four times per week, here at The Motion Room. Our workouts are quick, effective, and they’re designed to get you results.
  •  Affordable & Experienced Coaches that can tailor exercises and programs as needed so you can do everything safely
  •  Full Accountability so you don’t get off track
  •  100% Support so you don’t have to go it alone
  •  Fitness/Lifestyle Coaching so that you can build long-term habits that will keep you fit
  •  We make it easy! Optional meal plan guides and nutrition tracker available to you online 24 hours a day
  •  Fun & Non-Intimidating Environment so you can feel comfortable at every workout 
  •   Get Rewarded $$$ for Inviting Friends
  •  You have access to our online network for easy class scheduling tools, exercise library, booking reminders and more.
  •  Get Treated Like Family every time you walk in the doors
Local Gym or Health Club
  • Rent Equipment in the hopes that you will get results
  •  Overcrowded & intimidating atmosphere 
  •  Have to pay extra every time you attend a fitness class 
  •  Overpriced personal training 
  •  Extra charges for Meal Plans and Nutritionists 
  •  No program or direction to follow; You are not sure what to do.
  • No access to online health & fitness tools or exercise libraries.
  • Workout alone with no encouragement. Pay Thousands of Extra $$ for guidance.
In fact, if you complete the Zero Pound Challenge without gaining a single pound, we will apply the entire investment towards your first monthly payment!
Frequently Asked Questions
Where are we located?
 How can I get a hold of you if I have a question?
You can call us at (647) 351­-8671 or email us at
How can I fit the workouts into my schedule? 
You can come to any of our Personal Co-Training & 4 Series sessions and as often as you like during the 30 Days. During our Personal Co-Training sessions you'll have a specility ZPC workout plan through our mobile app.
What is your schedule?

View our class line up of over 50 Classes Here Monday - Sunday.
Does it include a nutrition plan too?
Yes, we will tell you exactly what and when to eat so you can easily reach your goals. You'll be able to find this plan in our mobile app. (pending on the option you purchased)
If I am out of shape can I still do the program?
Yes, we have modifications for every exercise and we can scale the workouts to your fitness level.
How long are the sessions?
Classes are 60 minutes long. 
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